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At THA Cleaning, Bellevue house cleaning and maid services are our priority, delivering personalized, precise home cleaning services in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Renton and the entire East Side. If you want your Bellevue home professionally cleaned with personalized care, call us for all your cleaning needs.

THA Cleaning is owned by Tanya Silva, who opened her cleaning company to provide a service to families in the community while also providing job opportunities. She’s especially proud to stand behind THA’s Cleaning Checklist and is committed to improving the lives of every client. Tanya and her family enjoy life in West Seattle — especially the opportunities for outdoor recreation. Their goal is to help clients spend more time having fun instead of cleaning their house.

If home cleaning is taking away from the valuable time you could be spending with your family, on hobbies or just enjoying yourself, contact THA Cleaning. It’ll be our pleasure to clean our neighbor’s homes in Bellevue and the surrounding area!

What Makes Our Bellevue Home Cleaning Service Unique?

We only use environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.
We regularly inspect our cleans for exceptional quality.
We make sure all our professionals are fully insured and bonded.
We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our work.

When you call THA House Cleaning of Bellevue, you can be confident knowing your home will be spotless. We utilize our proven cleaning system to make sure everything from your kitchen countertops to your bathroom sinks are sparkling clean!

Staying Environmentally-Friendly & Client-Focused

While keeping your house clean is our number one priority, we never sacrifice your health or the health of the environment. We believe in using cleaning products that create a clean house and a clean earth! By using environmentally accountable substances, HEPA vacuums, and microfiber clothes, we have the ability to achieve a superior clean without placing your family’s health in danger. More than that, we help preserve the valuable resources on our earth.

Possessing an environmentally-friendly wash is fantastic for your health and the community! That is why our cleaning staff at THA House Cleaning of Bellevue takes this very seriously. You may take pride in knowing that your house is helping promote a healthy earth.

4 Reasons To Choose Us

We are available 7 days a week
We bring our own equipment and supplies
We are local, licensed and properly insured
Our rates are reasonable and affordable

Some of the Cities We Serve

Mercer Island
Yarrow Point
Clyde Hill

Bellevue Cleaning Area

Zip Codes We Serve


Our domestic cleaning services have been designed to accommodate any schedule. We can take on difficult-to-clean spaces in your home, which includes children’s bedrooms and bathtubs. Serving homeowners all across Shoreline and Bellevue something we love to do.

Our company is a trusted house cleaning name in Bellevue. If you want us to clean specific areas of your home on a schedule, or if someone is needed to clean up the place before you move in (as well as after you move out), THA Cleaning can develop a plan and schedule that in sync with your timetable.

If you have any queries about hiring professional cleaners, have a look at our FAQs below:

Our Services

Many of our cleaning packages can be personalized to accommodate your household’s cleaning needs. A majority of the clients we serve prefer cleaning services that reoccur for their condos or houses. If you only require cleaning services once, we can do that, too! Don’t forget – you can pick the rooms we clean if you don’t want the entire household care of.

Areas We Service

Our company services the entire Bellevue vicinity, which includes suburban areas like Mercer Island, Redmond, Yarrow Point, Sammamish, and Clyde Hill, among other areas.

Bellevue House Cleaning and Maid Service

We handle tasks that some people consider tedious and repetitive. When the home you live in is neat and tidy, you’ll have more time you spend with loved ones (as opposed to spending that time cleaning yourself). A professional cleaning company like THA Cleaning allocates time and space for you to enjoy life in the comfort of your own home.

People with busy schedules don’t have the time necessary to handle the day-to-day duties that come with maintaining a home’s cleanliness. Most people find such work tiring and exhausting. This is applicable to those who work full-time and part-time, as well as stay-at-home parents that are focused on caring for their children.

The Best Bellevue House Cleaning

It can be a challenge to find a suitable Bellevue house cleaning service provider. There are no shortages of options available. How can you determine which of these companies will perform their duties efficiently on a regular basis, and do so on time?

This isn’t just applicable to residential cleaning companies, though. It also applies to companies that specialize in steam cleaning, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, upholstery, and even commercial cleaning.

When choosing a Bellevue house cleaning company, you need to first evaluate the aspects that define them as either a good or bad option. A cleaning company must remove all dirt, undesired substances, and infectious agents. Sanitation doesn’t just entail making places look good – they make homes hygienic in order to keep diseases at bay.

The Bellevue house cleaning company chosen should provide you with a hassle-free booking process, excellent customer service, and straightforward pricing. Their cleaning quality should always be consistent, and the staff should show up to your front door on time, every time.

This begs the question: will THA Cleaning be capable of providing these things? The answer is definitely “yes.”

Our simple booking form can be accessed online. Our customer support is top-notch and available when you need it. Our payment options are varied. Our cleaning processes adhere to a standardized checklist, and we follow-up with you after every appointment to ensure that our work lives up to your expectations. We take things a step further and reward customers with ongoing discounts, goodies, treats, and more surprises.

What Makes THA Cleaning Worth Hiring?

Many people mistakenly believe that maid services are only something rich people pay for, but this just isn’t the case. Maids have an extensive hierarchy and purpose, and have been around for centuries, just as butlers have. Originating from Victorian England, housekeepers historically had the responsibility of most household duties, including dog walking, babysitting, cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, clothing folding, ironing, cooking, and more. Maids’ roles were separated into different hierarchies, including ones designated for nurseries and kitchens, among others. For more information about the way cleaning agencies conduct business, visit the official CCDRA website.

These days, hiring live-in help is quite costly and more of a luxury than a need. This is where cleaning services come into play. Many cleaning service providers offer various availabilities you can capitalize on. You can have someone come every month, every two weeks, every week, every day, or even every couple of hours. It really depends on what your budget can afford.

You can benefit from maid services, especially if you live in hectic cities like Bellevue. You can also free up time to spend with your loved ones, work on projects, or simply relax when your household is cleaned by an expert. The biggest advantage of employing cleaning agencies instead of personal housekeepers is the lack of worry that ordinarily comes with withholding responsibilities or taxes.

Many Bellevue house cleaning companies bring equipment to the job, as well as a cleaning checklist. Companies like ours are bonded and insured, protecting you in the event of an accident or damage.

Residential Cleaners

Residential cleaners can sanitize your household as frequently as you wish. You choose how often you want a maid or cleaner to come to your home.

It is impossible to live comfortably and reside in a healthy lifestyle in a dirty home. Most people understand the importance of cleanliness in a household and prioritize it, regardless of where they live.

Apartment Cleaners

People who live in cluttered households are especially encouraged to utilize the services of a home cleaner. Specialized cleaning equipment and materials are used to maintain the cleanliness of the home. Based on how much cleaning is involved, the professional that comes to your door might bring with them a dustpan, brushes, vacuums, or other utilities.

Housecleaning entails more than just vacuuming rugs and carpets, though. It also entails fan wiping, dishwashing, furniture polishing, window cleaning, and more. You choose the rooms you need cleaned, as well as what specifically you want taken care of. The kinds of things you need cleaned are usually determined by how frequently you need someone to come over. Some things in your household might need to be cleaned every few weeks or so, others more often. Everything THA Cleaning does is performed with attentiveness and integrity in an effort to simplify your life.

AirBNB Cleaners

In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of a home for visual purposes, a sanitary household is also imperative to preserve the health and wellness of your loved ones. The environment you reside in or invite people to must always be healthy.

If you want your house to be clean, attractive, and tidy, you are encouraged to hire professionals to get the job done. A home’s neatness speaks volumes about you, personally. Let’s face it, many people make judgments based on appearances, and as such, the impressions you give people will be reflected on how clean your home looks. This is particularly true for those who run Airbnb businesses, as people will leave reviews based on aesthetics, mostly.

THA Cleaning has fair rates for people who run Airbnb units, ones that won’t eat into their profits. Ongoing Airbnb cleaning services are available to maintain the quality of your rental units for customers.

Cleaning duties for Airbnb homes aren’t limited to carpet and rug cleaning. They also include fan cleaning, dishwashing, furniture polishing, window cleaning, and more. You decide what must be cleaned in order to give patrons a better place to stay in. For the most part, the things you need cleaned will be contingent on the amount of days your Airbnb home is booked. All of the work THA Cleaning performs is done with integrity and attentiveness. We endeavor to simplify your life through our hard work.

What are a housekeeper’s responsibilities and duties?

• Polishing and dusting fixtures and furniture. • Sanitizing and cleaning toilets, bathtubs/showers, sinks, and countertops. • Maintaining a sanitary and clean kitchen area. • Changing linens and making beds. • Window washing. • Cleaning and vacuuming rugs and carpets.

What qualities should housekeepers possess?

Hard work: your house must be clean, there is no doubt about that. When evaluating candidates, you must feel confident the individual is willing to put in whatever energy and time is required to optimize your household’s timeliness. Trustworthiness: for the most part, your home will be unprotected when cleaners come by. A professional housekeeper’s hallmark is their dedication to trustworthy conduct. This is particularly important if they are being considered for live-in positions. Attentiveness: if your instructions are clear, will the cleaners adhere to your guidelines? Make sure that the cleaner you hire is willing to reach every crevice and corner, especially if they are only working part-time. Loyalty: occasionally, you will require some last-minute cleaning. Loyal cleaners will not hesitate about helping you when you require them most (assuming they are available). Likewise, the housekeeper you hire is only human and might have other things going on in their lives. Loyal cleaners will not cancel on short notice if they don’t have to. Versatility: things that happen in our lives seldom go down the way we expect them to. Quality housekeepers will endeavor to try and help you – as well as your loved ones - with whatever your requests are. Care: as mentioned earlier, housekeepers are human, and it is possible that they could lose or break something of value to you. Carelessness is a different matter entirely. Quality maids will clean your household like it was their own home.

What to do if you are interested in hiring a Bellevue house cleaning company?

We will offer a customized, in-home quote when we visit your home. The estimate we provide you with will include flat-rate costs for ongoing services.

What if I don’t require regular services?

Are single-session cleaning services an option? They sure are. Just tell us a bit about what your circumstances are, as well as what you hope to accomplish. We will come up with the best approach to accommodate your cleaning requirements.

Is THA Cleaning insured?

We certainly are. Background checks are conducted on each one of our staff members so that you don’t have to worry about who is in your home. Each one of our employees prioritizes the protection of client possessions.

We Save You Time

THA Cleaning helps you live smarter, giving you time to focus on what’s most important.

Safety First

Get the peace of mind you deserve.
All of our cleaners are background and referenced checked.

The Best Quality

Our skilled cleaners go above & beyond every time, we don’t cut corners.

Clear Communication

Clear communication with our office staff, you can reach us by email, phone or text.
Get answers to your questions fast!

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